About Dubshop

reggae1121-blackI have been designing and printing T-shirts for many years. My designs are generally big bold and colourful. I tend to design the kind of shirt I like to wear.

Why the Dub Ska and Reggae? I’m also a Ska Reggae Dub trombonist and melodica player. I have played Ska trombone most of my life and what can I say? I love the music!

I’ve played live and session with many big names and plenty of smaller ones. If you are into a bit of UK Ska and Dub you may well have seen me somewhere.

Recent performance with Jah Lion Sound Movement at ‘One Love’ Festival 2015

Proud to be playing Trombone on this Alpha Steppa recent release

Dubshop is not a corporate, it’s a small business run on a shoestring with the aim of bringing you nice T shirts. It’s more of a virtual market stall, a ‘one man brand’.

Cheers, Dave